Officers for the 2016/2017 Administrative Year

President Randy Savaglio
Vice-President Rick Pace
Secretary Kathy Deverney
Treasurer Rick Kutch
Directors One Year Term Fred Kaste, Tom Bunker,Jerry Anderson, John Hewitt
Directors Two Year Term Mike Payne (returning), Shirley Meyer (new member), Rick Pace (returning), Bob Smith (returning)
Past President Mark Janiuk


Community Services Chair: Jerry Andersen
Members: Rick Jones, Wayne Kavaliaukas, Keith Naeve, Rick Pace, Bob Smith, Roy Stuart
Youth Services Chair: Tom Bunker
Members: Dave Karlsen, Peter Buchaklian, Todd Moore, Anna Aiello Jim Dobbs, Rick Kutch
Human and Spiritual Values Chair: Randy Savagilio
Members: Rev Voker,
Major Emphasis
(Young Children Priority One) Chair: John Hewitt
Members:  Harv Radke, Tom Bunker, Rick Pace, Fred Kaste,


Membership Tom Bunker, Rick Pace, Fred Kaste
Social Committee Duke Meredith, Mike Payne
The 63nd Pancake Day (May 6, 2017)This committee will have responsibility for the planning of Pancake Day activities.
Meetings will be scheduled during the year starting in October. Chair:Mark Janiuk
Rick Pace Jerry Anderson, Fred Kaste
Holiday of Lights Foundation: , Shirley Meyer, Bob Smith
NOTE: Our club needs to have 2 more members join. This is based on the foundation bylaw rules.
Programs: Mark Janiuk, Fred Kaste
Newsletter Fred Kaste, Anna Aiello

Ken Norman Scholarship Committee Jerry Andersen, Fred Kaste
Key Club (Horlick High) Tom Bunker
Scholarships Chair: Tom Bunker
Splash & Dash
This is an activity we assist with Margaret Walsh
This is a club sponsored event, Chair: Fred Kaste

Foundation Board

President Randy Savagilo
Vice-President Jerry Anderson
Secretary Kathy Deverney
Treasurer Rick Kutch
Jim Dobbs, Tom Bunker, Fred Kaste, Wayne Kavaliauskus

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